Parent Information

Guidelines & Courtesies

While at Groove, we ask that all attendees follow certain guidelines to allow for a smoothly run and safe event. We ask that all competitors please wear footwear at all times. Food and beverages are strictly prohibited in the auditorium area. Groove does not allow any outside photography or videotaping while a dance is performing. Pictures are welcomed during our awards ceremonies. We ask that all attendees exercise theater etiquette at all times. This means please remain in your seat while a dance is performing (you may use the transitional time in between the dances to move about the auditorium). This also means please keep talking to a minimum, silence all cell phones and treat every performer like you would want you child treated.


How do your master classes work?

Groove hosts master classes at all of our regional competitions. Our master classes are FREE to any REGISTERED competitor. These master classes take place on the stage with the judges first thing in the morning. Master classes will never be hosted on a Friday. Although each master class is targeted toward a particular age group, competitors are more than welcome to attend whichever classes they prefer. Master classes are in no way mandatory. There is no additional registration required for these master classes; competitors simply show up that morning to take class.
Our master classes are open for spectators, however, we ask that all spectators remain quiet and courteous during these classes; it is a professional learning environment and we expect everyone present to remain professional.

How do I obtain photos and video?

Groove offers a free media program for all of our regional competitions! Each regional competitor will receive unlimited download access to all of the photos and videos of your studio taken at the event. Approximately one to two weeks after your event, all of your photos will be uploaded and you may then download as many photos as you’d like. To view the photos, please go to and fill out our Download Event Media Form.
NOTE: There are no photo or video sales at the event itself or after the event. There is also absolutely NO outside photography or videotaping allowed during a performance. If a studio has chosen to opt out of the media program, they may not opt back in at or after the event.

Will your event run in the order of the program?

For the most part, our events do run in order as per the program. However, we try to be accommodating to quick changes and unforeseen circumstances, and therefore may skip over an entry and come back to it when it is ready.  By doing so, Groove is able to run an on-time (and in many cases, early!) event. 
Groove has placed screens in the front of house area, as well as the backstage area to help keep you up to date on exactly which entry is on stage, as well as which one is on deck.  
We always recommend being present and ready at the venue AT LEAST two hours prior to your scheduled performance time. Please pass this word along to any friends or family members who may be attending this weekend so that they are present if an entry performs early.

Can I join my dancer backstage?

Unfortunately, our backstage area is only reserved for performers, teachers and studio directors to avoid congestion and overcrowding. We do understand that many parents are involved with props and we allow prop parents to come backstage NO MORE THAN five entries prior to the entry that will be using the prop.

How exactly do our dressing rooms work?

Groove has assigned dressing rooms for each competing studio. Dancers and their accompanying parent/guardian are restricted to their studio’s dressing room and may not enter other dressing rooms. Please note that members of the opposite gender are strictly prohibited from the dressing room areas i.e. males are not allowed in the female dressing rooms and females are not allowed in the male dressing rooms.  This rule is strictly enforced. Please be kind and courteous to all studios and remember that it is a shared space. Dressing rooms are to be used solely for costume changing; we recommend using spaces such as the lobby and hallways for eating, practicing and other activities of that nature. 

How do your awards work?

Each entry will first be eligible for an adjudicated award based on their score. Entries may also be eligible for overall awards based off of their point ranking. They will also be eligible for judges’ awards. Judges’ awards are not based on points and feature extraordinary attributes of an entry.  Groove also awards multiple studio awards that are given out during the last group award ceremony of the weekend. Groove will also announce to the top three in each category.
Awards will always feature entries that have performed that day. No entry will have to return on a different day to receive their award. Groove award ceremonies are upbeat, fun and move along steadily. We ask that all competitors and families cheer on one another and uphold integrity and sportsmanship throughout not only the ceremony, but the entire weekend. Please note that some changes may have been submitted to some entry’s registration after the programs had been printed (such as categories, divisions, etc.). Please remember this if you choose to follow along in the program during awards.