Megan Ashly Cutler

Megan Ashly Cutler

Judge/Master Teacher

Megan Ashly's Highlights

Megan Ashly Cutler is a professional triple-threat performer based in Las Vegas who moves people to harness their own passion. She graduated as Valedictorian of the Commercial Dance Department from the Orange County High School of the Arts. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Business Entrepreneurship from Loyola Marymount University.

Her diverse career credits include touring with Dance Caravan, dancing in Disney's “Tarzan 2” movie, dancing for Freeform Network’s “The Twins Happily Ever After?” TV show and working on the visuals for Paula Abdul’s “STRAIGHT UP PAULA!” tour. Megan danced and traveled throughout the seven seas performing for packed audiences for Norwegian Cruise Lines in the show “Legends in Concert,” choreographed by Travis Payne and Stacey Walker. Currently Megan is working with Cirque du Soleil for their “One Night for One Drop” show in Las Vegas, NV.

Megan has been fortunate enough to work with choreographers such as Andrew Winghart, Alexander Ekman, Tina Landon, Andre and Leah, Jason Myhre, Kathryn Burns, Adolfo Barreto, John Todd, Joya Kaz, and So You Think You Can Dance choreographers Tyce Diorio and Tessandra Chavez. She has done commercial work for Disney, Cellular South, PETA and Samsung. Megan stepped out of her comfort zone and joined the magic world as a Magician’s Assistant to Misty Lee and got the opportunity to premiere a 360 degree levitation act where she flipped and floated in front of packed audiences at the El Portal Theatre in Los Angeles. Megan was also a Principal Dancer and Dance Captain at the Full Throttle Stage at Six Flags Magic Mountain created by Shade Entertainment.

In addition to performing, Megan is developing her own choreographic voice. She won her first choreographic award at the age of 16 for “If You’re Reading This,” an ensemble piece that premiered at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. She also won the People's Choice Award for “Indestructible” and Best Choreography for “The Dj Is Mine.”

Megan finds joy in choreographing and teaching dancers of all ages from all different backgrounds. Inspiring dancers and making an impact on their journey is what she lives for. Megan is so excited to be serving as a Judge and Master Teacher with her Groove Family! @megan_ashly_cutler