What to expect at Groove's National Finals

What to expect at Groove's National Finals

Use this guide to prepare for our National Finals!

Use this guide to prepare for our National Finals!

Each of Groove’s National Finals feature events you won’t want to miss! This article will help you prepare for the exciting week of dance (and fun) we have in store for you!

Groovefest Gala and Junior Beach Bash Parties: 

We know you love to dance, and so do we! At each of our National Finals we host dance parties for you and your friends to enjoy, featuring a full buffet, DJ and dance floor! 

Registered dancers will receive one complimentary ticket. A limited amount of additional tickets are available for purchase on site for non-dancers. 

Junior Beach Bash: for dancers ages 12 and under

   *What to wear: casual wear, sundress, romper, beach-themed attire.

GrooveFest Gala: for dancers ages 13 and up

   *What to wear: semi-formal attire including, but not limited to, cocktail dresses and pant suits.


Each registered competitor will also be registered for our full Convention that we offer at each of our National Finals! Dancers will be able to learn from our world-renowned faculty and will be split into three age divisions:

Mini (9 & under): Jazz and Hip Hop classes - each 45 minutes in length

Junior (10-12): Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Tap classes - each 45 minutes in length

Senior (13 & over): Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Tap classes - each one hour in length

Dancer of the Year Competition: 

At each of our National Finals Groove will select a male and female winner from the Mini/Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior age groups. In addition to their solo performance, each Dancer of the Year contestant will be required to write a 500-word essay (250 words for 12 & under competitors). Winners will be awarded a $150 cash prize, a full Groove Convention scholarship, plaque, custom Groove sweatshirt and will be invited to be one of Groove’s apparel models for the following season!

Solos registered for the Dancer of the Year division must compete at the competitive level. Any solo used for the Dancer of the Year competition must be performed exclusively for the Dancer of the Year competition. 

Opening Number: 

All season long, we have been awarding Opening Number invitations to any dancer placing within the top ten of our Junior, Teen and Senior competitive solo and duo/trio divisions.  The Opening Number is a dance choreographed and taught by one of our Groove faculty members. The Opening Number itself "opens up" The JAM! on the very last day of our National Finals. The Opening Number is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to work with a world-renowned choreographer and to meet and dance alongside other competitors their age from around the country. 

Please note the following: Participation in the Opening Number is completely FREE! Each participant will receive a performance shirt. Practice will take place each morning of Nationals. Any and all practices are MANDATORY; if a practice is missed, the dancer will be ineligible to participate in the performance. Dancers must provide a pair of black dance shorts for the performance itself. The registration deadline for the Opening Number is June 1!

Parent Dance Battle:

This season we are hosting our Sixth Annual Charity Parent Dance Battle. Each participating studio choreographs a parent dance to perform at the Parent Dance Battle. In addition, each participating studio will choose a charity that they will be dancing on behalf of. All proceeds from the Parent Dance Battle will be divided amongst the participating charities relative to their final placement in the battle. The parent dance battle is an awesome opportunity to have a ton of fun and raise awareness for multiple charities!


We will be hosting online pre-orders for our Nationals Tee and Tank for both of our National Finals! By pre-ordering your favorite National Finals apparel items, you’ll receive a discounted price and you’ll guarantee that you get your size since quantities are limited per size and item.

Our Atlantic City pre-order will run from May 29-June 2, 2019 and our Myrtle Beach pre-order will run from June 5-9, 2019. All pre-orders are to be picked up at the merchandise booth of your National Finals (pre-orders will NOT be shipped). 

Pre-order options can be viewed at: https://www.groovedanceshop.com/

The JAM!:

This is our final battle of the week where we invite back intermediate and competitive groups to perform one last time. From these final performances, Groove will crown a 12 & under JAM! winner and a 13 & over JAM! winner, each receiving a $1,000 cash prize and The JAM! Trophy!

At each of our group award ceremonies throughout the week, we will be announcing the entries that have been invited back to perform in The JAM! on the last day of Nationals. Each studio may have no more than one entry per division in The JAM!.

Groove will have exclusive JAM! t-shirts and pins that go on sale when doors open for The JAM! (there are no advanced sales on these items, so plan accordingly because they sell quickly!).

Now that you’re in the know, all that’s left for you to do is pack your bags and join us by the beach! We can’t wait to see you there!