Top 5 Convention Fashion Trends for 2017

Top 5 Convention Fashion Trends for 2017

Find out the trends to watch for this convention season!

Find out the trends to watch for this convention season!
We all know that when you look good, you feel good. As dancers, we take it one step further; when we look good, we feel good and when we feel good, we dance like we're untouchable. Not sure how to look your best this convention season? We have all the trends you need, coming straight from the LA dance scene. Below are our five must-have looks for this years convention season:

1.    Mesh, Mesh, and More Mesh
Perfect for every class, this sporty look is right on trend. We have seen mesh tops and mesh leggings everywhere, but by far the trendiest look, mesh biker shorts. Wear them as they are or have them hanging out underneath another pair of shorts. Either way, you’ll be #StyleGoals.

2.    Add a Pop of Color With Your Tap Shoes

This just shouts fun! Let the rhythm move your feet while wearing a pair of funky colored tap shoes. Have an old pair lying around? Get some shoe spray or leather brush dye and paint them yourself!

3.    Crop That Hoodie

Street fashion hits the classroom. Not only is this a trendy piece for class, but guys and gals everywhere are rocking cropped hoodies this fall. What makes it even better? You don’t even have to go out and buy something new. Take an old hoodie, a pair of scissors, and cut away!

4.    The Baggier the Better

For several years now, baggy tees are all we have seen in contemporary classes and we are happy to say, that trend isn’t going anywhere. There’s just something so comforting about wearing a shirt two sizes too big and moving to some jams.

5.    The 90s Bandana

With so many ways to wear them, bandanas are always a fun way to add a little edge to your outfit. Recently, we’ve seen dancers wearing them biker style, like the 90s, and we LOVE it!

Whatever you decide to wear this convention season just remember to be yourself. What’s most important is to be unique and to make each outfit your own. Remember, what you wear says a lot about yourself. So this year, funk up your style with our five must-have convention looks.

Our last piece of advice, confidence is key. Now, go show them what you got!

By Kendall Saunders