5 Tips to Help Survive Dance Competition Season

5 Tips to Help Survive Dance Competition Season

Groove-approved tips to stay in tip-top shape through the end of the competition season!

Groove-approved tips to stay in tip-top shape through the end of the competition season!

With the dance competition season nearing the end, we’ve collected some useful tips to help dancers make it through these final weeks while staying healthy.

1. Stretching is Key:

Always arrive to competitions early enough to get yourself ready physically and mentally. Allot yourself enough time to be dressed and ready, so you can properly warm-up your body before checking in backstage to perform.

2. Hydrate:

With the hustle of quick changes, sometimes it’s hard to remember to drink adequate amounts of water. Bring one large bottle of water, instead of multiple smaller ones, and set a goal to finish the jug by the end of the day. Having one large bottle serves as a reminder to reach your hydration goal!

3. Stay Warmed Up In-Between Numbers:

Dance competitions are all day events. Sometimes you have to wait for a few hours in-between your dances before performing again. To avoid injury, it’s important to not only keep stretching your body, but to also keep it warm. Bring lots of layers of clothing to wear while you are waiting. Wearing a giant pair of fuzzy socks, a zip-up hoodie and sweatpants over your costume until you check in backstage will keep you warm so your muscles don’t tighten up. To find out more information about getting warm and staying warm, follow this link to read one of our previous blog articles! (also insert link to Groove’s getting warmed up blog post)

4. Eat Healthy:

Easier said than done, right? Dancing for hours, running on little sleep, and having no time to eat can make you crave sugary and unhealthy snacks to give you short bursts of energy. Sometimes you’ll eat one large portion of food all at once to fuel your body without knowing when you’ll have time to eat again. However, it’s important to pack a variety of healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day. Rather than chugging bags of Skittles while you change costumes, try grabbing a granola bar or a handful of nuts to fuel your body with protein that’ll keep you moving and won’t leave you crashing later on!

5. Try Meditation:

Whether it’s the day before competition and you can’t sleep or you’re in the dressing room stretching with 100 other dancers, sometimes it’s hard to stay focused. Practicing deep breathing and meditation exercises can help alleviate the pre-competition jitters and bring your mind into a relaxed and more focused state! If meditation doesn’t work, try putting together a competition playlist that you can listen to before you go backstage to help calm your nerves!