5 Convention Benefits and Takeaways

5 Convention Benefits and Takeaways

Find out all that can be gained from our conventions!

Find out all that can be gained from our conventions!

Our conventions are a one-day event that’s jam-packed with passion and excitement from beginning to end! Use these 5 benefits and takeaways as a guide to make the most of this convention season!

1. Learn at a Quick Pace

With so much to teach in a condensed amount of time, you may find yourself learning combinations at a much quicker pace than you’re used to at our conventions. This accelerated pace of learning will not only help you build stamina, but it will also help you with future auditions and conventions where you’ll also need to pick up choreography at a fast pace.

2. Experience Various Styles of Dance

Our conventions feature five classes: Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Contemporary. This wide array of dance styles allows convention dancers to experience styles of dance they may not be exposed to on a weekly basis. No matter what your level of experience is, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up new skills and tricks you didn’t know before!

3. Take Classes from Different Teachers

Even if you are enrolled in every style of dance that our conventions offer, taking classes from our convention faculty will introduce you to a different teaching style than you’re used to. Taking classes from various teachers is a great habit to get into as this will ensure you don’t become too comfortable with one style of teaching. This will also allow you to decide for yourself what styles of teaching you enjoy and benefit from the most.

4.     Watch the Dancers Around You

Whenever you’re exposed to different dancers you should make a conscious effort to watch them! Mentally choose a few dancers that you find intriguing and figure out what it is about their performance style that you admire, whether it’s their emotional commitment, their movement quality or the way they present themselves. Take note of these admirations and try to emulate them with your dancing!

5.     Gain Confidence!

Take this opportunity to put yourself out there and gain confidence by volunteering to perform first or to demonstrate a step. Doing this will take some courage, but once you do it you’ll feel relieved you did! Plus, this will allow the convention teacher to take notice of you, as well!