2016 Industry Dance Awards and Cancer Benefit

2016 Industry Dance Awards and Cancer Benefit

The best in the dance industry were recognized while raising money for a great cause at IDA 2016!

The best in the dance industry were recognized while raising money for a great cause at IDA 2016!
The Industry Dance Awards and Cancer Benefit is a night to celebrate two great passions: the love for dance and raising money for the fight against cancer. Social media influencers, dancers and choreographers alike have the honor of celebrating their accomplishments in one forum while recognizing those few special standout performances/ individuals of the 2016 season. Of the sponsoring competitions and conventions involved in the awards, Groove Dance Competition had some special dance routines that had the honor of being nominated for this amazing event.
Impact Dance Studio, owned and directed by Louie Vazquez, was nominated for Best Hip Hop for "Million Dollar Bill", along with some other tough competitors. Vazquez, as well as the studio, shared his excitement.

“Being nominated for such an award was an honor, especially since my studio has only been opened for two years,” says Vazquez. “The first time ‘Million Dollar Bill’ hit the stage was at Groove regional competition, and we were honored that it was up there with the best of the best.”

Backstage Dance Studio also shared in the enthusiasm of being nominated for an Industry Dance Award for the first time, for jazz number ‘Slave.’ Aubrey Haskins, creative director for Backstage Dance Studio, says, “We were thrilled and very excited to hear the news. There were so many good jazz routines we were up against, so we were just grateful to be nominated.”

The passion and hard work for each dance routine that was nominated has not gone unnoticed, according to Vazquez and Haskins.

“I’ve watched ‘Slave’ improve throughout the year, and it’s very special watching the girls improve during the process,” says Haskins. “The girls spent a long year working hard specifically on that one piece, so seeing that their hard work has paid off is rewarding.”

With a similar notion to hard work paying off, Vazquez says, “Watching ‘Million Dollar Bill’ throughout the season was a work in progress. There were many changes throughout the year, but everyone pulled through, and it all came together.”

Through the adjustments and improvements made for the dances, the sheer excitement of the recognition from the Industry Dance Awards for the studios and dancers involved has left a lasting impression and a hunger to continue to do better for seasons to come. The Industry Dance Awards and Cancer Benefit was even more significant to Vazquez this year besides receiving a nomination.

“To me, the nomination for Best Hip Hop was a win, and I’m so proud of my students!” says Vazquez. “But after losing my mom to cancer less than two months ago, a prestigious dance event like this that is also a cancer fundraiser really hit home and made it that much more special.”

The Industry Dance Awards was nothing short of spectacular from the hosts to the dances presented on stage. It was a night of laughs and tears among the best of the best dancing against cancer. For some, it was their first time attending the awards and proved to be a night to remember. Impact Dance Studio and Backstage Dance Studio were just two of the many studios that received nominations, and they’re forever grateful for the opportunity.

Haskins concludes. "As teachers and students, it’s fulfilling to sit back and enjoy our accomplishments.”

By Monique George of Dance Informa